Hello Everybody! 


May is rapidly coming to a close! It’s already Memorial Day weekend and everyone is gearing up for some warm summer fun and beautiful May flowers. 🌞


May is also mental health awareness month.  And before we bid adieu to May I think it’s important that we touch on how important mental fitness is to the healing journey. 


Mental fitness and the feelings someone has about mental and physical limitations can significantly impact healing, recovery, and stress response.  The most success comes when we can learn to utilize tools that positively affect all of these realms.  


One of my favorite tips for supporting mental fitness and beliefs about your current life situation is to discover a simple mantra or affirmation to repeat to yourself several times a day or when you experience self-doubt. 


One of my favorites is “All I need is within me right now.” 


Surrounding ourselves with positive affirmations can make the difference between success and getting caught in a world of negatives that sabotage your dreams. 


I recently have added work as a Positive Intelligence (PQ) coach to help my clients achieve the mental fitness to slay their inner critic and stop sabotaging their success. Uncovering a client’s story is the most important start to their healing journey.  When you work with your clients and collaborate with them, this can make all the difference in helping them find their pathway to their vision of healing. 


Interested in learning more about the PQ six weeks mental fitness program?  susan@ltiphysio.com


Often on the Tough To Treat Podcast, we talk about the 3 most important questions to ask your client during the history: 


  1. What do you think or believe is going on? 
  2. What does a successful outcome look like? 
  3. Deep down in your heart of hearts what are you most worried about? 


When we uncover these beliefs about their struggles, we can really begin to help them make a mindset shift to take action to bring their vision to fruition. 


In one of the latest videos dropped into the membership, How to Increase Your Clinical Expertise by Learning to Treat the Complex Patient, we take a deeper look into how the mental fitness of a person impacts their healing journey and how you can change your language to empower them to make changes and heal themselves. 


Join me in my Pelvic Health Explorers membership for access to this and tons of other great content that has been and will be added.  Next up on the list to be added is My GI course.  You don’t want to miss out on this great educational content. 


Happy Memorial Day! 


PS:  This program is also now included in the Premium Membership program.  Learn to slay your inner critic and become the clinician you have always wanted to be!


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