Susan Clinton

Hello, I'm Susan.
The founder of LTI Physio.

I am board certified in orthopedic and women's health physical therapy, a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Therapy, and a board-certified health and wellness coach. I am an international instructor of post-professional education in women's health (including GI issues in women), orthopedic manual therapy, and business psychology.

After being part of traditional clinics for many years, I ventured out into co-ownership of a clinic to escape the confines of conventional physical therapy medicine. After moving for personal reasons, I have decided to embark on my own clinical entrepreneurial journey. 

My passion is to help people learn and empower themselves to heal through movement and an integrated approach to healthcare. 

Every person is different. 

Every person has a unique story. 

No two stories will create the same set of symptoms or issues. 

My true passion lies in discovering your story to help you find a solution to manage your challenges. 

It is important to me that we work together to find an integrative and holistic approach to your care. 

We will customize each innovative solution to your particular situation. My goal is to collaborate with you to uncover the answers to your problems and improve your health and wellness to get you back to the things you love to do. 

When I'm not helping others improve themselves, you can find me walking or hiking, country line dancing, or ballroom dancing. I am an avid supporter of music, the arts, and international objectives for women's health.

My Passions

Global Women's Health Initiative


The Global Women's Health Initiative was formed by caring thought leaders in the world of physical therapy and message media.

The idea formed because of a desire to cause systemic change in women's health. By understanding these urgent health issues, physical therapy education and programs can make a transformative difference in the lives of women in need.