Embark on the Ultimate Journey to Transform Menopause into the Pinnacle of Your Life

Imagine menopause as your opportunity to cross into the prime of your life—empowered, rejuvenated, and living with purpose. This isn't just a dream, it's your gateway to the Pinnacle, where the journey of transformation begins.


You may have always dreaded the approach of menopause, perceiving it as a time of loss—of youth, beauty, and vitality. This transition often brings unwelcome changes in health, confusion, and a sense of isolation, overshadowing the potential for growth and renewal.

This doesn’t need to be your story!

You can embrace this time in your life as an opportunity to step into the best version of you…….the woman you have always wanted to be.

You will do this by shedding behaviors and relationships that no longer serve you, embracing changes that align with your deepest values, and transforming challenges into stepping stones toward your Pinnacle of Vitality.

You will address the root problems, not just the symptoms, decide what ultimate health means to you, and gain confidence in your choices, savoring life's pleasures without guilt, and embodying confidence every day.


You will learn Health Beyond Metrics to shift your attitude towards your body. See it for its strength and beauty enhancing confidence and self-esteem.  Define your "You Bigger Goal” to Move beyond exercise for health's sake; and embrace movement that brings joy and fulfillment.


You will make Empowered choices to say "yes" to what truly matters and understand the power of choice in nurturing your body and soul with movements and nutrition that resonate with your core values - and away from societal expectations.

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Here's what you get when you join:

  • 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions with me
  • A detailed personalized action plan with daily and weekly goals to create sustainable change
  • Educational resources
  • Online Chat support for accountability and change through a private portal
  • Online access to your personalized care plan and goals

Over the next 12 months, we will. . .


  • Set a vision and with every small shift, embrace a growth mindset that paves the way for identifying, creating, and stepping into an abundant lifestyle, aligned with your core values


  • Explore and engage with unique resources to reduce stress and enhance mental fitness, including the Positive Intelligence program, mindfulness, and meditation


  • Support your health by choosing resources for energizing nutrition and movement to optimize your body and mind to improve sleep, health markers, and wellness


  • Find Joy in Every Moment to Live a life where happiness is not contingent on circumstances. Align daily choices with your core values for sustainable health, wisdom, and happiness


  • Embrace a Pinnacle life where limitations are dissolved. With a growth mindset, live fully, pursuing what matters most to you


This is your Path to the Pinnacle.  We will embrace the journey where menopause is not an end but a beginning. Here, you're not just surviving; you're thriving, leading a life of joy, health, and fulfillment.

Here are all of the details you need to know:

The program begins with a full-length “Kick Off” call where we will discover your vision, and create your customized plan that leads to setting the primary goals and actionable steps to begin making immediate progress.

From there, we will meet twice a month for 12 months to help you stay in motion by overcoming barriers and discovering strategies to keep you moving toward your pinnacle life.  Included in the program is the 6-week Positive Intelligence mental fitness program with 6 weekly check-in calls.

“Small hinges swing big doors”

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Who Exactly Is This Program For?


This program is for the busy woman crossing or crossing the bridge to the prime of her life. She is seeking the opportunity to optimize her health, wellness, and opportunities at this unique time. She desires to discover who she really is, what is important to her, and how to make that happen. This program is for women who are seeking empowered results and lasting change. The goal-driven program is designed to be customized to her unique priorities and circumstances. In as little as three months you will have new strategies and habits in place that will help you grow exponentially toward your vision of your Pinnacle Life.

More Perks!

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A VIP retreat day with program consultants on wealth management, style design, nutrition, and wholistic health support

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Monthly calls – 1 intake call and 24 follow-up calls

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Positive Intelligence Program – 6 weeks mental fitness + 6 weekly check-in calls

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Garmin Viviosmart 5 wearable

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